About Us

The Citrine story began with an idea to bring beautifully crafted, unique jewelry to the fashionable and fashion-forward women in our area. Bored with the “mass produced,” we wanted to introduce our customers to sophisticated options to match their personal style.  After the discovery of a few world-class designers, a network was born and a gallery was created in which to showcase their “art.”

Our team of experts pride themselves on finding new and emerging designers, as well as identifying current designers whose jewelry compliments our carefully curated collection. Many of their pieces are reviewed, photographed and highlighted in fashion and lifestyle magazines in Europe and the United States.

Our consultants enjoy the challenge of matching a customer’s unique style with a particular designer. Many times throughout the year we bring our designers directly in contact with our clients through trunk shows and personal appearances, and allow them to work with individuals to create jewelry that is uniquely their own.

Each season, our teams search for jewelry that augments the latest fashion trends, and updates our collection of “classics.” From a design standpoint, our designers are constantly expanding their line and evolving their collections to provide new inspiration each season.