Lauren Harper Collection

Lauren Harper has always had a strong creative presence in her life. As a child, she was a classical violinist. As a young adult, a painter and a singer. After attending Colgate University, she began her career in advertising in NYC, but quickly bored of the corporate world and craved more creative endeavors. As she says, "I wanted to work with my hands. It was important to me that I have something tangible at the end of a day’s work." Lauren finally found the art of jewelry design, and at last found a home. She honed her goldsmithing skills, and developed relationships with stone dealers all around the world, helping her bring life to her designs. 

Today, Lauren travels the corners of the earth to find gemstones of perfect color and distinctiveness. Stones from exotic destinations like Namibia, Botswana, Laos, South Africa, Cambodia, Thailand & India give each piece in the collection a unique sensibility, and a one of a kind story. Harper uses warm 18kt yellow gold blends and studs them with brightly colored, always changing combinations of precious gemstones such as Moonstones, Peruvian Opals, Black Diamonds, Thai Sapphires, and of course, brilliant white Diamonds. 

She finds her inspiration by blending the individual characteristics of each stone with the art, architecture and culture of the places she visits. From ancient Egyptian and Byzantine designs, to Khmer ruins, her muse is the world at large. She says, "The collection has its roots in the past, so it is never off trend." 

Lauren lives in Chicago with her husband, Blake, and their 3 daughters, Sage (8), Siena (6), and Scarlett (2).