Jemma Wynne

Passion and creativity were the driving forces that brought Stephanie Wynne Lalin and Jenny Klatt together to launch Jemma Wynne in 2008.  Using the finest quality precious and semiprecious stones and distinct 18kt green gold, the designers spin a sophisticated and chic sensibility into innovative shapes and styles.  The design duo combines classic polish with relaxed femininity to create their fine jewelry collection. 

Stephanie and Jenny each developed their personal aesthetics as children taking inspiration from family and travel.  Jenny began to seriously explore her love for painting and art history while studying at the University of Pennsylvania.  It was her passion for design that eventually landed Jenny in London, where she traveled extensively throughout Europe, expanding her creative horizons and soaking in the works of great artists and architects.  Upon her return, Jenny began designing intricately detailed mosaic art, tiled furniture and jewelry.  Soon after, Jenny honed her skills and turned her hobby into a successful, growing business.

Stephanie too was working to cultivate her interest in art and the various means of sophisticated design expression.  As a student of graphic design at American University, Stephanie discovered a small bead store in Washington, D.C. where she found inspiration for her early pieces of jewelry.  Stephanie began to create unique custom pieces that soon gained the attention of others and sparked her entrepreneurial spirit.  Soon thereafter, Stephanie’s collection began selling in local stores throughout New York and New Jersey.

Together, Jenny and Stephanie breathe fresh life into precious jewels by adding their unique perspective and unexpected detail in all of their creations.  Today, Jemma Wynne has an impressive celebrity following including Courteney Cox, Jessica Biel, Kristen Bell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Hough, Scarlett Johansson, Miranda Kerr, and Maggie Rizer.  Retail prices range from $995 - $5,000, with pieces priced up to $25,000.