Cynthia Ann Jewels

Houston-Based with 25+ years of experience in Retail & Design, Cynthia Ann is proud to launch her unique and beautiful collection of "one of a kind", “limited edition” Medals & Fine Jewels.  The collection is an exciting combination of classic European styling mixed with modern metals, textures, precious and semi-precious stones.  The designs are a true reflection and culmination of Cynthia Ann's life and personal style - Sometimes mixed, Sometimes matched, Sometimes layered, but Always uniquely her own.... 

Mix it, Match it, Layer it, Love it!!!!

After attending Stephen’s College for fashion design & graduating from the University of Texas with a BBA, Cynthia Ann worked as a couture fashion buyer based in New York. It was during this time that she developed a strong appreciation for fine design, fine fashion & precious materials. Quality, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship were ingrained in her early on, and remains a cornerstone of her collection.  Cynthia Ann continued on her retail path for years and became a vice president of a prestigious department store.  After many years in the corporate retail world she altered paths. In 1999, she opened her own fine jewelry boutique, which showcased many talented jewelry artists. It was during the years of owning her Boutique that she became intrigued by the beauty and fine materials used in Jewelry design. She developed a fascination & admiration for the jewelry artists and the passion they had for their craft. This fascination guided her to develop, design & create her own jewelry collection, which she sold in her boutique for years. This was the beginning of her transition from jewelry retailer to jewelry designer.

Cynthia Ann’s inspiration for her current jewelry collection goes back to the year 2000, as she was grieving the loss of her Mom from cancer.  It was during this difficult time she made a trip to France. As she wandered through the streets of Paris, she was drawn into the many beautiful antique shops & abundant flea markets. In these, she uncovered a beautiful assortment of antique religious medals.  She was very taken by the beauty & the meaning of these medals. They reminded her of the strong faith her Mom always had. As she rummaged through the medals she felt a strong sense of her Mother’s presence & knew at that moment her Mom would always be with her. Over the next decade, Cynthia Ann continued to collect these medals throughout her European travels. When her precious Dad passed away, she knew it was time to share her amazing collection of religious medals. She realized the meaning of - “Life is Short”, “Do What you Love”, “Pursue your Dreams”; she closed her boutique and began designing jewelry full-time.

Today, as Cynthia Ann pursues her love of design, the "Ancient and Olds Collection" pieces have become an integral part of the collection; to say they have taken center stage is truly an understatement.  Each of the medals is lovingly and uniquely designed to enhance its original history & beauty.  Her collection holds a very special place in her heart - and she is excited to share it with others.

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