Fall 2016 Trends

It's that time of year again.  Summer is over, the beginning of school/mad rush is over, and we can all catch our breath.  Sounds like a perfect time for a jewelry trend report!  Over the summer I scoured jewelry shows near and far,  met with all of my amazing designers and stayed in tune with the industry via trade publications.  Here are some fantastic trends jumping out at me that I know my customers will love and we will feature in the boutique and online:

1) Chokers, Collars & Lariats:   Many of my designers are capitalizing on this and providing women with jewels that look great when worn together for a beautiful silhouette.  Not surprisingly, Rebecca Lankford Designs is fresh out of the gate with leather chokers/collars and designers such as Robindira Unsworth and Catherine Page specialize in lariat and long pendant necklaces.

2) Colored Cabachon Gemstones:  Tired of your basic diamond pieces and want something with a little more of a statement both in scale and color?  Smooth, colored cabachon gems - either in necklaces or rings are the way to go.  We recently purchased a one-of-a-kind Tanzanite cabachon necklace from Lauren K Fine Jewelry that we are certain will find a new home soon!

3) Think Pink:  Not just for summer or warmer weather, pink gemstones have made a huge resurgence!  Not only are there so many shades and variations, but it has become a new "neutral" that you can wear with most anything. From spinel to tourmalines to sapphires and blushing morganite, pink hues are hot.  Lauren K Fine Jewelry features rose gold jewelry with pink sapphires and pink spinel, Catherine Page has chandelier earrings that feature a variety of pink gems and Mela, Italy uses pink pearls in her long necklaces (coming soon!)

4) Opals (not your grandmothers's!):   I have to admit, I was a little slow to jump on the opal train.  Opal jewelry seemed so dated to me and I couldn't get my head around it, but my how times have changed!  The Boulder opals and Ethiopian opals of today are not like anything you have seen before.  Not two are alike and each one has such a unique texture and color.  Have you seen Stephanie Albertson's flower opal pendant, or opal slice earrings?  Robinidira Unsworth's PINK opal double strand necklace?  Lauren K's one-of-a-kind opal cocktail ring set in 18kt yellow gold and surrounded by tiny white pave diamonds?  All to die for!

5) ROYGBIV:  Remember memorizing that in 10th grade chemistry class?  Or was it bio?  In any event, individual jewelry pieces that incorporate a rainbow of colored gemstones is starting to take hold in the industry.  

Coming this Fall to Citrine (and online) will be a wonderful array of jewelry representing these innovative trends!  Be sure to follow us in person, or through social media, as we announce their arrivals!