Top Trends for 2016

The movers and shakers in the jewelry industry are predicting several exciting trends in the coming year.   Not to pat ourselves on the back, but quite a few of them are already firmly ensconced in Citrine.  We saw, we loved, we purchased and so did our customers.   Exciting, now, to see them become popular on a national level. 

So, here's what's hot:

1.  Stackable jewelry/layering.   Women love to layer and stack delicate necklaces, bracelets and rings.  Rebecca Lankford is the queen of layering necklaces by mixing silver, leather and beads, in various lengths, to create a relaxed look.  The ring stack?  Tiny, delicate rings - with diamonds or symbols like those from Zoe Chicco - are hugely popular, as are any with personal meaning (ASHA by ADM Zodiac rings).  Our favorite stacking bracelets remain those designed and crafted in 18kt yellow gold by the ladies at Jemma Wynne.  We simply love wearing a group of them, or adding a few next to a watch for more interest on your wrist.

2.  Unique Stones.  Women are getting a little tired of traditional stones and are gravitating towards unique gems or cuts of stones, which is the specialty of Lauren K, one of our talented designers.  Beautiful, asymmetrical sapphires with several different hues, or stunning tourmalines that move from pink to gray in a single necklace, are just a few examples.  Last week was the annual Gem Show in Tuscon - the equivalent of "Christmas morning" to fine jewelry designers. Here, they meet with their sources to purchase the gems they will use in the coming year and we are looking forward to seeing what they found!

3. Mixed Metal Jewels.  This one fascinates us the most.   When we were first introduced to it - back in 2008 - we thought it was  a "fad" that would soon die off and never gain strength in mainstream America.  Were we wrong!  Mixed metal necklaces are, hands down, the most popular item sold at Citrine year after year - particularly chains that can be worn long, doubled or adorned with a unique pendant (like those made by Stephanie Albertson, Ray Griffiths, Cynthia Ann Jewels or Armenta Collection).  We have also seen it extend into earrings - most often mixing oxidized silver and gold.

4. Y Necklaces.  This interesting design is like having the best of both worlds -  a shorter chain to emphasize the face and neck, with a long drop which adds a little sex appeal.  Zoe Chicco has a wide variety of Y necklaces - often with a tiny yellow or black diamond for a little sparkle.

5. Whimiscal.  Jewels that express emotion or personally "speak" to the wearer are increasingly popular.  Dog bones for that beloved pooch (Jewelry by Cari), feather earrings, heart and arrow mixed matched studs (Zoe Chicco) are just some examples of jewels designed to send a message.

6. Stud Earrings.  No longer what you wear when you first get your ears pierced - or your basic diamond studs.  Far from it.  Designers these days are capitalizing on the renewed popularity of stud earrings and creating a gazillion options with their own artistic stamp on it.  Studs in all shapes and sizes, colored gems and metals - some dressy with pave diamonds and others elegant and simple.  So many great choices you will have to choose from in the coming year.