Gorgeous Jewelry Dept at BG

Often when I go into the city I leave some time to stop by Barney's and Bergdorf's to do a "little research", and check out what is going on in their jewelry departments.  I love looking at what they are highlighting, searching for new designers, taking note of their cool displays and generally stalking the women.  My first stop recently was Bergdorf Goodman's new and expanded jewelry department and I was completely awed! Definitely worth the stop if you are in the neighborhood.  It is absolutely gorgeous in design and is a big step up for them as a viable destination for something fabulous.  There were some new names in the group - and some of those that I also carry - Jamie Wolf, Armenta Collection - all showcasing high end, (mostly) diamond jewels at a much higher price point.  As much as I appreciated it, however, a part of me missed the accessible (mentally and physically) designer cases near the elevator bank.  Back then it was a friendly and bustling environment where everyone seemed to be chatting about jewels and designers.  The new department is definitely more intimidating - one where you feel you need to speak in hushed tones?  Made me happy to come home to Citrine.  The atmosphere I work hard to create is one that is similar to the former BG department  - an welcoming boutique (where people are not intimidated), filled with creative and interesting jewelry designers, with a knowledgable and friendly staff that can chat all day about jewels.