Thinking Spring with Stephanie Alberston

Stephanie Albertson never ceases to amaze us with her stunning jewels and color combinations, and this season is no exception.   Together we have curated a new collection that is based on blues, greens and unique opals - all set in her warm, brushed 22kt gold.  Following her enthusiastic lead about opals, we have brought in several new opal pieces for Spring.  Exclusively for Citrine, she has created one-of-a- kind opal earrings and an opal "flower"pendant.  As with most of her pendants, this flower can be worn on any one of her mixed metal, gold or rhodium silver chains.  Also new?  Small teardrop peridot cabachon earrings, colored gemstone pendants in greens and blues and a new, small gold layering "enoki" necklace.