A visit from Astley Clarke!

We were so fortunate to have Fran Cookson, Head of Communications at Astley Clarke in London, make her first visit to our boutique yesterday!  She is currently in the United States visiting several key retailers that carry the line and to showcase new pieces in the collection.  She was absolutely adorable - and it was so educational for our staff to hear about all of the exciting developments first hand!  Their ever popular Biography bracelets - with gemstones and charms - are now going to have an adjustable element to fit a wrist of any size! They have also expanded this collection to include a additional varieties of woven bracelets and wrap bracelets to keep up with the increased demand for fabulous stacking bracelets at affordable prices!  In addition to continuing to sell them individually, Citrine will begin to start sell recommended stacks  - therefore taking the guess work out of it for you.  Fran also gave us a first look at their Fall 2016 "Interstellar" collection which we think is out of this world.  (Sorry, that was just too easy).  The pieces are made in 14kt yellow or rose gold and have gorgeous blue sapphire gems set with an "hombre" look - where the color moves from light to dark.  They incorporate this look in necklaces and stacking bands that we know you will love.  Lastly, they are adding beautiful gemstones to the center of their "halo" rings and producing them in a larger or smaller size - so you will have colorful ring options depending upon your personal preference.

Below is a shot of the new gemstone rings coming this Fall.