March 24, 2017

Changing It up

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might have figured out by now that I have closed the retail store location after 11.5 years of business.   To say that this was a difficult decision is an understatement, but the time has come to change things up a bit.  Although I will be sad not to see your smiling faces throughout the day in Bronxville, I am happy to report that I will remain in business via trunk shows, private appointments, holiday boutiques, pop up shops, and online.   My amazingly talented designers will continue to send me their jewels each season to showcase and add to my website.  So please stay in touch - like me on Facebook and Instagram and join my email list through my website.  This is how I will announce where I am going to be.   My first events include a shopping event/benefit for the Junior League of Bronxville on Thursday, April 27th at the Bronxville Field Club, and a pop up shop the first two weeks of May at Silk Road in Bronxville.  At all of these events I will be showcasing the perfect and latest jewels for graduation, Mother's Day and Prom.  Can't wait to see you all soon in person!
December 16, 2016

Final Days of December

Hard to believe it is December 16th already - yikes- where did this month go? If jewelry is on your list (or even if it isn't), we've got you covered!   We recently received shipments from Catherine Page Jewelry with a variety of her beaded earrings, long gemstone necklaces and new stretchy bracelets with black onyx or labradorite.  At $120 each, these are super affordable and make great gifts.  As you may or may not know, chokers are the hot trend this winter and the black and brown leather versions from Rebecca Lankford designs are flying out of the store.  We feature them with simple oxidized pave diamond disks or tiny gold/silver crosses that are her best sellers this season.  Lastly, Mela, Italy continues to outdo herself with her pearl necklace collection.  For the winter months, we selected her black and grey pieces - each with their own unique blend of leather, suede, gemstones and, of course, her signature baroque pearls.
October 27, 2016

ZZan Jewelry

For Fall/holiday I decided to invest in a collection from ZZan Jewelry and am so glad I did!  The pieces have arrived and have been an instant hit our customers.  Their earrings and necklacesj are made in silver over brass, and many have a geometrical design, giving them a more modern look.  According to ZZan, "Our collections are timeless and are as much a work of art as they are utility pieces that make a statement and complete a look."  Citrine currently has a large selection of earrings and necklaces (both long and short) in store.

October 20, 2016

Dark Neutrals

Recently received a new order from Robindira Unsworth - whose jewels never disappoint!  Together, we created a collection for Citrine that includes so many wonderful darker, neutral gems such as labradorite, moonstone, dendritic opal (yes, it's a thing), coin pearl both in gold vermeil and her ever-popular mixed metal design. All of these perfectly compliment the grays/blacks/tans/neutral colors of Fall. For scale, we chose both long/large and small/dainty - aware that each person has a different style. We have simple opal or labradorite necklaces and earrings, and several of her signature cluster designs.  So please take a look online or, better yet, stop in the store to see what is new from this favored designer!

October 05, 2016

Fall 2016 Trends

It's that time of year again.  Summer is over, the beginning of school/mad rush is over, and we can all catch our breath.  Sounds like a perfect time for a jewelry trend report!  Over the summer I scoured jewelry shows near and far,  met with all of my amazing designers and stayed in tune with the industry via trade publications.  Here are some fantastic trends jumping out at me that I know my customers will love and we will feature in the boutique and online:

1) Chokers, Collars & Lariats:   Many of my designers are capitalizing on this and providing women with jewels that look great when worn together for a beautiful silhouette.  Not surprisingly, Rebecca Lankford Designs is fresh out of the gate with leather chokers/collars and designers such as Robindira Unsworth and Catherine Page specialize in lariat and long pendant necklaces.

2) Colored Cabachon Gemstones:  Tired of your basic diamond pieces and want something with a little more of a statement both in scale and color?  Smooth, colored cabachon gems - either in necklaces or rings are the way to go.  We recently purchased a one-of-a-kind Tanzanite cabachon necklace from Lauren K Fine Jewelry that we are certain will find a new home soon!

3) Think Pink:  Not just for summer or warmer weather, pink gemstones have made a huge resurgence!  Not only are there so many shades and variations, but it has become a new "neutral" that you can wear with most anything. From spinel to tourmalines to sapphires and blushing morganite, pink hues are hot.  Lauren K Fine Jewelry features rose gold jewelry with pink sapphires and pink spinel, Catherine Page has chandelier earrings that feature a variety of pink gems and Mela, Italy uses pink pearls in her long necklaces (coming soon!)

4) Opals (not your grandmothers's!):   I have to admit, I was a little slow to jump on the opal train.  Opal jewelry seemed so dated to me and I couldn't get my head around it, but my how times have changed!  The Boulder opals and Ethiopian opals of today are not like anything you have seen before.  Not two are alike and each one has such a unique texture and color.  Have you seen Stephanie Albertson's flower opal pendant, or opal slice earrings?  Robinidira Unsworth's PINK opal double strand necklace?  Lauren K's one-of-a-kind opal cocktail ring set in 18kt yellow gold and surrounded by tiny white pave diamonds?  All to die for!

5) ROYGBIV:  Remember memorizing that in 10th grade chemistry class?  Or was it bio?  In any event, individual jewelry pieces that incorporate a rainbow of colored gemstones is starting to take hold in the industry.  

Coming this Fall to Citrine (and online) will be a wonderful array of jewelry representing these innovative trends!  Be sure to follow us in person, or through social media, as we announce their arrivals!





September 13, 2016

New Fall Jewels & Upcoming Events

Even though we took a little time off this past August, (something we all need!), the buyers at Citrine were busy behind the scenes getting ready for Fall/Holiday.  We attended every and all jewelry shows possible and have purchased some GORGEOUS pieces for the boutique. Pearl necklaces with silk and linen from Mela, Italy, dramatic gemstone chandelier earrings from Catherine Page, and one of a kind tanzanite rings from Lauren Kessler are just a few of the jewels we are excited about!  In addition, our trunk show "dance card" is fully booked for the month of December (with a few also in November) and it is our honor to connect you directly with our talented designers.  Take a moment to check out our "Upcoming Events" page to see the full list of designers/representatives coming to Bronxville, including Astley Clarke and Ruth Tomlinson from London!  As depressing as it is to say Adieu to Summer, our thoughts are BRING ON FALL!

July 07, 2016

Summer Jewels

I am sure most of you take a break from your usual routine during the hot Summer months - let your hair dry naturally, wear less (and lighter) makeup, dress a bit more casually, etc. The same concept can be applied to your jewelry.  We suggest keeping things light and simple to go with the season.  Maybe even branch out a bit and wear something out of your comfort zone?  With a cool pair of cut off shorts and simple t-shirt, why don't you try one of Mela, Italy's baroque pearl and suede wrap necklaces or handmade chunky pearl bracelets?  Wearing a simple cotton dress out at night?  Try adding a bit of (lightweight) drama with Catherine Page's colorful chandelier earrings.  For work, we also suggest a paired down jewelry.  A simple pair of stud earrings from Ruth Tomlinson or simple diamond necklace from Jemma Wynne would be the perfect solution!
June 30, 2016

Feeling Patriotic

Sitting here today thinking about all of the catchy social media posts I should create - wishing you all a happy and safe July 4th weekend (which I truly do!), adding cute flags and pictures of sunshine and the beach - but I have decided instead to give a shout out to all of my wonderful "American Made" jewelry designers.  Each and every one of you - Rebecca Lankford, Zoe Chicco, Jamie Wolf, Jemma Wynne, Jewelry by Cari, Stephanie Albertston, Ray Griffiths, Cynthia Ann Jewels, Lauren K, Robindira Unsworth, Jane Basch Designs, Pame Designs, Joseph Murray, Lauren Harper Collection, Leighelena, Anna Beck, Catherine Page, Michelle Pressler and the handful of others I have worked with in the past - make my boutique the special place that it is, and I am grateful to be working with you and call each of you friend.   So this weekend,  I am gonna raise a glass of rose to the good 'ole US of A and the beautiful, talented jewelry designers I am honored to work with.  Cheers!
May 27, 2016

Gifts for the Graduate

Not too late to order a gift for that special graduate either online or in-store!  We will do our best to get you your purchase in a timely fashion.  There is so much to choose from and we would love to help!  Just in, Zoe Chicco tiny 14kt yellow gold earrings for that extra ear hole the young girls love to decorate.  At $75 each, they come in adorable shapes such as a star, heart, leaf, half moon and tiny pave white diamond circle.  We also have great tiny stacking rings from Zoe Chicco and delicate layering necklaces that any young woman would love.  Hot this season in-store?  Astley Clarke's Biography Collection beaded bracelets - a newer company we adore from start to finish.  Their bracelets, adorned with 18kt and white sapphire charms all have meanings and are a great way to send your graduate into the future with a special message.  In addition, each bracelet comes with a tiny booklet describing it's signifance and a beautiful gray pouch and box.  As always, Jewelry by Cari has 14kt yellow, rose gold or sterling silver personalized charms.  Lastly, for some color and glamour, we have a large selection of bright colored chandelier earrings from Catherine Page Jewelry.  Prefer to give silver? Anna Beck Designs is your best bet and we just received another shipment of beautiful pieces!
May 23, 2016

Elite Traveler Features Ray Griffiths!

So proud and honored to call this talented designer, Ray Griffiths,  friend! Congratulations on this beautiful article written about him by Elite Traveler.  About time people start giving him the attention he so deserves!

Ray Griffiths: Rare and Beautiful

 By Manon Crespi

The start of each New Year, for me, brings the excitement of discovery.  Every February the Centurion jewelry trade show, one of the United States’ most coveted shows for jewelry designers, kicks off the chain of jewelry show events that will follow throughout the rest of the year.  It’s a gold mine for finding rare and beautiful jewelry.  It’s also the place where I get to meet the extraordinary people behind the jewelry.

These are the folks who feel the spark of inspiration that puts them on a journey of new ideas, taking risks, and ultimately imparting the intangible into something tangible.  They fan the flames of an ember, conveying a sense of their identity into a full-fledged piece of jewelry that will eventually become a prized possession.

Case in point: Ray Griffiths.  One perusal through the press page of Ray Griffiths Jewelry website will testify to the popularity of his magnificent craftsmanship, his use of exquisite gemstones, and his dedication to the foundation of when his jewelry life began in Australia at the tender age of 15 years: crownwork.  The fact that Griffiths even knows what crownwork is, much less how to translate it into his fine jewelry pieces, speaks of the interesting experiences he’s had over the course of his 40 year career; experiences that to this day continue to guide him and the jewelry he creates for his avid fans.

Shoemaker’s son with a royal encounter.  When speaking with Ray Griffiths it is abundantly clear the influence of working as a young teen with his shoemaker father in Melbourne, Australia, played a huge roll in his strong work ethic and attention to detail.  He developed his signature crownwork proficiency at the age of 15 years when he went on to apprentice with a master jeweler in Melbourne, who taught him how to repair and restore antique jewelry, tiaras and crowns.  Crownwork, a specific cutout technique, was employed by master metal smiths of the 18th and 19th centuries to lessen the weight of royal headpieces.  Perhaps this is where his love for history began.


The Regency Ring

The history enthusiast.  Honestly?  He had me at the Regency ring.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of Jane Austen closet cases out there, and I guess until this article I was one of them.  But even if you’re not, Griffiths will definitely have you hooked with his Regency ring!  The Regency era, the Spanish Moors, and Roman Greco are all historical references that can be seen throughout the Ray Griffiths collections.

Griffiths’ personal history includes jewelry school at Collingwood Technical College in Melbourne, and later obtaining degrees in gemology and diamond technology. Griffiths spent 18 years at ROX, Sydney’s premiere jewelry boutique, where he ultimately became head jeweler and designer.  And then destiny’s path turned due northeast…

Green means go.  After 18 years in Sydney, Griffiths applied for and won the US Green Card Lottery, also known as the Diversity Visa Lottery, which is open to countries with lower immigration rates in the US.  He took this as a sign, along with his big dreams and high hopes, and made his move to New York City.  Like many immigrants to the US, especially New York City, the transition wasn’t an easy road.  In his words, “Sydney was high school.  New York was university.”  But with hard work and determination, he forged onward, taking the love of his family with him on each step of his journey.


Man of tradition.  Sometimes words fall short in communicating the aggregate of ideals that fill a man’s heart, especially when that man wants to pass them down to the next generation.  Ray Griffiths was blessed with nieces and nephews whom he adores, and they are the recipients of Uncle Ray’s own family tradition: a special piece of jewelry commemorating their 21st birthdays.  One nephew even received a pair of cufflinks restored by Griffiths that his father once received for his football grand final.

Rooted in love.  Beyond doubt, jewelry is Ray Griffiths’ love language.  He showers people with love when he bestows a piece of his jewelry, and he offers people a means to express love when he creates it.  Each Ray Griffiths jewelry piece represents the culmination of his life adventures, the passion that fuels his life story.  Every detail recalls his years of training with his shoemaker father, his jeweler mentor, as a student in technical college, and as a student in the school of hard knocks.

When I first stopped by the Ray Griffiths booth at the Centurion Show, I was wowed by the jewelry.  Then I met Ray Griffiths.  I was immediately struck by his enigmatic personality, and understood completely why his booth was filled with women ogling over his jewelry and clamoring for his attention.    He is genuine, authentic, and possesses a unique, humble confidence laced with certain vulnerability.  Ray Griffiths is the rare and beautiful person behind the rare and beautiful Ray Griffiths jewelry.




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