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ila & i

ila&i design comes together through a rhapsody of colors and varying shades of diamonds and gold.  Drawing on the rich colors and motifs of artistic traditions from India, ila&i marries contemporary western design with traditional craft.  Their look is discreetly luxurious, which embodies the studio’s concept of design.  


ila&i is a brother and sister design studio nestled in the heart of Texas.  Ila Draksharam has the eye and flair for style. She grew up close to her mother, an F.I.T. graduate, and was wrapped in textiles and jewelry from a very young age. Ila spent 8 years designing high-end diamond jewelry with her mother and father, whose roots in jewelry trace back to India. Vikas Sodhani, the 'i' in ila&i, has the eye for form and design. His obsession started at MIT where he studied engineering. It wasn't long before Vikas left engineering and headed out to India where he spent a year working in Indian design houses and hand fabrication shops.